"I can't recommend Kaity and OMG Photography highly enough! South Bend has a lot of fantastic photographers and I know it's a difficult choice, but my unequivical recommendation is OMG."

OMG is Distinctive!

Whether you are planning a wedding or bringing your extended family together for a once-every-ten-years portrait or just looking to capture some casual backyard memories, OMG Photography brings a style that pulls it together beautifully.  When it comes to weddings, my style combines that of a photojournalist and an artist. I will document your wedding in a way that will let you forever remember all those little details that made your day so special - the captured moments that will let your children (and their children) see and understand what really happened that day. But I'll do it in a way that reflects the beauty and grace and joy that the two of you have found together. While narrative photography and candid shots are the foundation upon which I build, I know that you probably have your own ideas about how you'd like your wedding to be photographed, and I am happy to include those ideas in your wedding record - everything from the random irreverent shot to solemn and elegant formal portraits. At OMG I have my own style, but I'm flexible enough to make it work for you.

And I bring that same flair and flexibility to portrait sessions and commercial shoots. You tell me what you like, I'll show you some of my ideas, and together we will make something beautiful and memorable.

OMG is Fun!

Getting your photo taken can be an incredibly stressful experience, but at OMG, I do my best to make each shoot as fun as possible!  The best photos (the ones that you will like the most) are the ones where you are genuinely happy!  So, I make it my job to keep everything fun.  Weddings are happy occasions and I want to make sure your photos reflect that!  Even the groomsmen will like getting thier pictures taken by the time I'm done with them!

One particularly articulate 8 year old client said it best: "I wasn't looking forward to our shoot because I thought it would be boring, but now I want you to KEEP taking pictures!"

OMG is Part of the South Bend Community

Based in a historic building in downtown South Bend, OMG Photography takes pride in "giving back" to the community. I have provided pro bono photographic services for a variety of local causes, including South Bend Animal Care and Control (where I regularly photographed adoptable pets and put their pictures online for the benefit of would-be pet-seekers) and Salmon Chase, an annual 5K/10K run that benefits Kelly Cares Foundation. OMG is also privileged to be a South Bend-based participant in Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep, a national non-profit organization that provides pro bono photographic services to the parents of newborns with terminal illnesses.  At OMG, service isn't just something I do when I can, it's a fundamental part of my business.

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